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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Woman Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Blasphemy

Woman Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Blasphemy

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman was recently sentenced to death for insulting the Muslim's prophet, Muhammad. Pakistani President Zardari may pardon her, but only with the approval of the Prime Minister and the High Courts.

According to Shahbaz Bhatti from the Pakistani Minister for Minority Affairs "The president asked me to investigate her case, and my preliminary findings show she is innocent and the charges against her are baseless."

A quick Google search for Asia Bibi shows how far the mainstream American media is distancing itself from the issue, only a few have reported; most from overseas.

The Telegraph
The Huffington Post
The trouble started when Bibi insulted the Prophet Muhammad after a confrontation with co workers who refused to drink from a water bucket that she "touched"

The Manifesto of the Pakistan Peoples Party are pushing for the anti-blasphemy law to be repealed, but they lack the majority in parliament.

According to this article Pakistani religious leaders are battling the government on the anti blasphemy law, clearly angered that their government would pardon Bibi.

The Asia News network is heading a movement demanding the instant release of Asia Bibi. Read this article on Jihad Watch

You can support the AsiaNews movement by
emailing them @

or why not

email the Pakistani President, demanding Bibi's release?


Not defending them, but I read somewhere that they are still in the 14th century in the middle east. And when we were in the 14th century we were burning women on stakes for witchcrafts.
But still, that was 600 years ago..

thankfully Pakistan is not a place I plan on going to ever, no wonder they all want to come to my country.

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