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Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange the Victim of a Conspiracy?

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial whistleblowing website has been relentlessly attacked by the media, governments around the world & internet geeks everywhere. Firstly, why are internet geeks angry with Assange? From what I can tell, many view his actions as contributing to the reasons why the US government is attacking the internet & limiting the free exchange of information.
I won't mention any specific websites, but I have witnessed Wikileaks being targeted by those of the lurker variety, those who call themselves "Anonymous." An organized dDos attack was underway, and community participation was encouraged. On the other hand, "Anonymous" seemed to be split on the issue. Many support Assange as a Revolutionary who is exposing the corrupt actions of our government. Others support him simply because of their belief in the protection of free speech.

The NYTimes mentions the group in an article entitled Hundreds of WikiLeaks Mirror Sites Appear... unfortunately,they did not provide you with any of those mirror sites, which apparently number in the 500's.

Edit* The first list I posted is no more, go HERE. :)

Celente on WikiLeaks 'Cablegate': They want transparent govt - Let's have It!

Gerald Celente, owner of the Trends Research website can be counted on to blast through the agenda ridden deception of the mainstream media. Celente was interviewed about Assange by the Russia today news network back on Nov. 30, the following video was posted on the RTAmerica Youtube Channel

...Notice what Celente says @ 2:15; "They're going to start closing down sites." Apparantly that is not a baseless assertion. If you havent been living under a rock for the past year, they already HAVE been shutting sites down.

According to this Guardian UK article, a New York federal court forced LimeWire to cease operation back in late October.

You cannot even access the Limewire Website. A window pops up explaining they have been forced to cease software distribution by a federal court order; you can read the Injunction PDF here. Limewire urges all unauthorized apps to stop being distributed, and reminds people that uploading & downloading copyrighted material is illegal.

Could free speech on the internet be under attack as we speak? The answer is yes, it is under a direct orchestrated attack by the "elite" power forces of the world, who consider the internet too much of a liablibity; due to the exchange of free information and a large move away from reliance on establishment sources to alternative media. Since the establishment is no longer the primary source of info, they are losing their "grasp" on the minds of the masses. No longer are we strictly adhering to the manufactured, socially engineered mainstream mass reality, we are breaking through the facade, sleepily and sheepishly awakening from a lifelong lucid dream....

Jay Rockefeller: "Internet should have never existed" Youtube video.

Coming from a family who helped found the eugenics movement; these comments are extremely disturbing. Once again, an example of a wealthy "elitist" who get's off on playing God. In this video, when compared to the reality of today's headlines it seems as if the elite have been setting the stage for an internet crackdown for quite some time now.

Media uses propaganda to distract from Assange, WikiLeaks

Sites like Wikileaks, are a detriment to the secretive and sometimes shady tactics of the U.S. Goverernment, for it exposes them, and WE THE PEOPLE may hold them accountable for their atrocities. So naturally, the "elites" who face exposure would be scrambling to limit the information from spreading; they may also takes steps to counter-act the leaked documents social impact by damaging the credibility of Wikileaks...which they have.  An example is the rape allegation against Assange which the media has been feeding on.

Corporatism is killing free speech.

I say corporatism, because capitalism is not the fundamental problem. Abuse of the system of capitalism, is the problem. Main st. is suffering due to corporatism, and if we continue down the path we are headed here in America, the middle class will be forcefully truncated into the lower; ever widening the gap between the people, and the power, for if we have no way to fund our ourselves or our grassroots movements, we then cannot battle the system that is enslaving us; this is part of the social engineering aiming to collapse America.

Recently, "the man" has made efforts to give the federal government power to takeover the domain name's of websites that it deems an enemy. They are targeting torrent & wares sites, but could the whole internet crackdown be part of a wider agenda?

How to take Action

No Internet Takeover, a project started by the folks at the
Americans For Prosperity website, allows you to sign a petition against the FCC's regulation of the internet.  You can also write Congress a letter urging them to stop this madness, you can do that here.

The Citizen Media Law Project is a site which gives legal advice/protection to those who are being attacked through the court system for expressing their views through blogs, film, media etc... These attacks are called  "SLAPP's."

TheElectronic Frontier Foundation 
  as another great resource.

I'll update randomly as I see fit.

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