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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Naked Body Airport Scanners - TSA Invading the Lives of Americans.

I'm wondering at what point will Americans realize they are being slowly pacified and conditioned into domesticated, controlled, predictable pets; with a willingness to sacrifice their own freedoms, while disillusioned by the manufactured reality.

I've heard the fuss throughout the internet about these "naked body" airport scanners.  I asked myself these 2 questions.

1)Has ANY American been “caught” by the TSA trying to smuggle deadly liquids, gasses or anything other hazardous materials on-board an airplane with the intent of harming others? 
I can’t find 1 article other than the “Underwear Bomber” which was clearly staged and used as a pretext to usher in the naked body scanners.

2)Should children be subjected to scanners that create naked images of their bodies? Should they receive intrusive pat downs that border on molestation?
Clearly the answer is NO, and to me, any parent that consents to let their child be interrogated by the cold hearted(and sometimes brutal) searches of TSA agents….Does not care about the welfare of the child.  As of late, TSA have even been putting their HANDS DOWN people’s clothing, touching their genitals.  There is no possible way I would EVER subject my children to these sickening grimy pedophile’s, viciously fondling children, scaring them into tears…What type of effect occurs from violation?  TSA has gone too far and needs to be stopped, I suggest forming political alliances aimed at passing bills that will protect American’s and our children against these monstrous acts.

There is some hope, according to a New York Times article, New Jersey officials are opposing the scanners, stating that they violate Americans rights and invade privacy.

These scanners are meant to snoop further into our lives.  Not to "save us from the terrorists" That is a load of garbage.  They think we're so stupid, they figure we're to politically disinterested to take action against their abuse.  They continuously overstep their boundaries, dismissing and down playing all opposition.

Here's a video that infuriated me...

Do you see how those smug newscasters are laughing off the issue...treating it lightly so the easily frightened sheep won't stir...A common tactic media outlets use to gain support to a newly introduced agenda. 

Slowly Americans are being conditioned into total submission to ANY entity deemed as “authority.”  Are we to bow down to people like this?

Those who seek positions of power and control over others, tend to be full of themselves, they believe they hold higher status within the hierarchy.  You are to be viewed as an animal, a subject, a possible terrorist….American government views us all as potential domestic terrorists, and will continue to push the boundaries of personal invasion, until they control & dictate every aspect of our personal life. 

/end rant


this blog looks like it has tons of potential. great read.

also naked body scanning is bs.. just my opinion

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