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Thursday, November 4, 2010

End of Liberty - By the NIA - Inflation US Documentary

"End of Liberty" is a documentary outlining the level of absurdity that the American government has risen to. The film was produced by the National Inflation Association which is primarily a business/financial news site that gives insider advice and notes key economical trends. Instead of Google searching lil weezy getting out of jail or the SF Giants riot; you should visit the site to watch the documentary.

The InflationUS Youtube Channel has 146 videos, nearly 20,000 subscribers, and about 7.5 million video plays, a clear indication that people are waking up to the tyranny. The videos: a plethora of news clips, interviews, and solo rants exposing the harsh, and sometimes hilarious tactics the US government uses in order to expand and maintain control over the population.
You can view the InflationUS Youtube channel here:

As of today "End of Liberty" on Youtube has less than 200,000 views, this alone is an injustice.

Please post this video onto your Facebook or other social networking sites, Digg the link, email it to friends and family, anything you can do to spread the word. Break through the facade and help expose the corrupt elite engineering the cataclysm.



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