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Sunday, November 28, 2010

DA Calling to Investigate Felony Groping by the Federal TSA Gestapo

San Mateo, California DA Steve Wagstaffe recently made an appearance on the Alex Jones radio show, which I stream from every few days or so. Wagstaffe seemed adamant about keeping TSA in check, claiming that he will investigate felony groping and prosecute TSA agent's according to state & local law, without any special treatment.

The patdowns, which Homeland Security forced TSA to impose as an alternative for passengers who opt out of the Body Scanning process; have stirred up a large amount of controversy these past weeks as more and more reports of abusive interactions with TSA agents have surfaced.

For example, this video; where a man's colostomy bag burst's after an over aggressive TSA agent terrorized the poor man.

TSA Pat-down Leaves Mich. Man Covered in Urine - Associated Press Youtube report

This CBS News report details several viscous encounters with "TSApigs" including the violent stripping of a young woman & the harassment of a wheelchair-bound person.

Alternative articles:

Go to and read
The Freedom Watch Archives section, specifically this article

Furthermore, the folks at the have additional information on Wagstaffe's & the San Mateo prosecutors position; who are addressing the TSA situation (in my opinion) in the right manner. You can view one of the articles here although after searching a couple pages, you may need to sign

In this next video, John Tyner leaves his phone recording while going through the TSA security one point he says"..if you touch my junk, I am going to have you arrested"  which resulted in the "Don't touch my junk" slogan that is being spouted throughout media outlets.

TSA Screening, Terminal 2, SAN, Nov. 13, 2010 - part 1

"Don't touch my Junk" becoming a new internet meme????


Omg, i dont know that to say to that :o

Airport security is so lame! So over exaggerated..

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